Food is a big deal at the Nursery.

Nursery Meals

We offer breakfast between 8-8:45am with a variety of healthy (not sugary) cereals, juice, toast and milk. We then have a free flow snack time between 10-10:45am for anyone who may not have wanted breakfast or is just a bit peckish.  Lunchtime sees a great range of food from around the world.  We offer everything from fish pie to chicken korma to pork stroganoff to good old bangers and mash.  Meat and vegetables are supplied locally from Eatons butchers and Juicy Fruits greengrocers in the village.  The menu itself is on a 4 week cycle which is then rotated by day so in theory no one should get the same meal on the same day of the week for a 24 week period!  This gives  children the opportunity to try a huge range of tastes and textures including vegetarian meals.  We also cater for dairy and lactose intolerances along with helping with weaning by providing freshly made finger foods for our under 2’s.

Wilsic Road Day Nursery Mealtime

You can view our current menu here: Menu

Food is cooked freshly on the premises and we do encourage children to be adventurous and give new foods a try!   We also have an afternoon snack tea menu which again is on a 4 weekly rotated system.  We monitor how much the children eat and offer alternatives if they really don’t like the food offered on a particular day!

You can view our current snack menu here: Snack Menu