Our Aims

We aim to provide a stimulating and happy environment for your child to play, grow and learn while having lots of fun!

We encourage children to be curious, to want to know more about our world and to build friendships - some of which last well into their school years as many of our children leave us to go to one of the two schools in the village. In short, we aim to provide a very high standard of care for your child from age 0 to 5.

Our policies are updated annually and cover every possible aspect of Nursery life. We seek advice from OfSTED, the National Day Nurseries Association, Doncaster’s Early Years Team and use our own extensive knowledge to ensure that our policies are up to date, workable and accessible to parents / carers at the Nursery. All of our staff are fully trained with qualifications in childcare and they regularly go on courses to update their knowledge. In fact, we won the Doncaster Early Years Workforce Development Award in recognition of the excellent encouragement offered and training and development opportunities given to our staff.

Our Policies

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