Baby Room

Established in February 2005, our Toddler & Baby Rooms are equipped to take up to 9 under 2’s. The curriculum for the Toddler and Baby Rooms is planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage. The under 2’s can experience a wide range of resources from sand and water to playing with shaving foam, feathers, playdough, paint, glitter and even playing with compost! ( All activities are supervised at all times!)

The ratio of staff to children in these rooms is 1:3. We have an “active” area where the toddlers and babies can experience their messy and creative activities as well as overlooking the main Nursery to see what the “biggies” are doing. We also have a quiet carpeted room where the under 2’s can comfortably crawl about, dress up, play and, when they are tired, have a nap.

Food for the babies is freshly prepared and we can help with weaning babies. Our cook prepares favourites such as pureed apple and pear, pureed carrots etc. Most of our nursery meals can be mashed or blended down for the babies and they will also be given a choice of a hot tea time meal when they are still on pureed or mashed food or, as they get older, one of our tea time snacks.

Our Toddler & Baby Room staff are encouraged, along with all of our other staff to attend regular training courses to keep their skills up to date and to make sure that they keep up with new issues.