We operate a Free Flow system where children choose to play inside or out with the outside reflecting the activities available inside.

When you collect your child you will be given feedback on what your child has been doing during the day. Every child in our Toddler & Baby Room has a diary for you to read outlining their day to day activities.

Every day, the resources and activities that your child has chosen to play with will be related back to you by a member of staff. Their work will be in their folder ready for you to take home and put on display (as long as it’s dry!). Feedback is a vital part of our handover to you and no-one leaves us without receiving a run down of their childs day with us. Every child in our Baby and Toddler section also has a diary for you to read at home outlining their day and activities for you.

Outings & Excursions

One of the great advantages of being in such a pretty village, is that we can take the children out for little walks. The children are taken to the mill dam, the library, the 2 playgrounds and the park in the village and sometimes to the shops. We have a  weekly Mini Wheelers coaching session at the recreation ground. They do enjoy having adventures with us and we always ensure that staff to children ratios are strictly observed at all times.

Also, further afield we take the children on trips to Sundown Adventureland and Sandal Beat Woods. We’ve had our first ever trip to Robin Hood Airport to see the Vulcan and have lunch on a training aircraft and we regularly take the children to CAST in Doncaster.